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Summer Raffle Madness

ANNOUNCING THE PRESCHOOL SUMMER RAFFLE The dedicated parents of the Islesboro Preschool have brought together donations from over 25 generous island businesses and individuals to offer the first (perhaps annual) Preschool Summer Raffle.   RAFFLE ITEMS INCLUDE: 2-month... read more

Hug, Cuddle, and hold your little ones!

The last IPS and YOU discussed how important holding and talking to babies is to their long term development.  While there is ample research to support this, the most bizarre and disturbing proof comes from the end of the Cold War.  Rumania’s Nicoale Ceausescu was the... read more
IPS & You: Talk, Talk, Talk!

IPS & You: Talk, Talk, Talk!

How often do you talk to your baby?  Do you vary the words you use?  Are they encouraging words, linked to an accomplishment?  These questions are more important than you might think.  Researchers at Rice University have determined that a child who is talked to... read more

Windows, Doors and… a Roof!

Was it really just a few months ago that we were getting excited about pouring the foundation? Now we have windows, doors and a roof over the new preschool building.  This has been a labor of love for so very many members of the Islesboro community.  I hope you are as... read more

IPS & You: Focus on what we can control.

One question every parent wonders about is “What is most important in a person’s development—heredity or environment?” The “Nature vs. Nurture” debate has been argued, studied and misunderstood for years. “Naturists” believe that genetics are the defining feature of... read more
Student Artwork

Student Artwork

We have been hard at work this fall and have created so much wonderful art inspired by the changing seasons on Islesboro.  Here are some of the highlights. CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW TO... read more


We made it through Thanksgiving! I hope you were all able to enjoy good food and create some great memories with your friends and families over the vacation. We only have 12 school days before we are off for Christmas break! We will be very busy with some top secret... read more

The letters F, L, E and Halloween!

Ginny and I can’t believe that October is almost over! The school year is flying by. We have thoroughly enjoyed working on letters F, L and E this month. We also loved playing hide and go seek with our pumpkins, exploring and painting the different parts of a pumpkin... read more

Field Trip on Wednesday!

This Wednesday we are going to Turtle Head for our second Field Trip with IIT. Chloe will meet us here at the preschool. We will ask you to help her to load your students car seat or booster into her car, my car or Ginny’s car. After we sign in and use the bathroom,... read more

IPS & You

Welcome to “IPS and YOU”.  This will be a regular column in the Islesboro Island News and the Preschool Press describing the importance of a positive Early Learning Environment and why it’s important to YOU, regardless who you are! Early Learning, age birth to 5 is... read more


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