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Good communication is of the utmost importance.  We welcome questions, feedback, or discussions of any kind that are oriented towards the positive outcome for the children. Sensitive issues will be discussed in private at a mutually beneficial time. The Preschool Handbook is supplied in an effort to answer many of your questions and create a mutual understanding of our organization.

Two parent conferences are offered during the preschool year: one in the late fall season and another in the spring. Either the parent or the teacher may request additional conferences if there is a special reason or concern.

Parents are encouraged to visit the preschool at any time. If the teacher is not free to speak with you, please understand that the children come first during class time. A special call hour may be arranged or leave message when it is convenient to contact you. The director can also be reached anytime through the preschool email:  islesboropreschool12@gmail.com

Enrollment Guidelines

Children who are two and a half years of age through kindergarten age are eligible to enroll in the Preschool programs. Children who are 3 months through two and a half are eligible for the Infant/Toddler program. The developmental needs of the child are also a consideration of program eligibility. Classrooms will fulfill the best developmental groups possible to meet the needs of all children involved and meet licensing guidelines.

A child must be two years and six months before September 1st OR three years old before October 15th to be eligible for the preschool group. Children who start preschool before their third birthday will be on a trial basis to decide if the child is developmentally prepared for this experience. The teacher will make the decision with the parents for the child to continue or not after a minimum two –week observation period. If the decision is made that the child is not developmentally ready for preschool at this time, the child can participate in the Toddler program until the age of three.

A registration packet must be completed and returned within the first week of attendance with an annual family registration fee of $25.00. This registration packet information is to ensure that your child will get the very best care possible and satisfies the record keeping requirement of state licensing guidelines. All forms will be reviewed annually. If there are any changes of information, please notify the director to update your records. There is no registration fee for the ten week summer program. Enrollment is open throughout the year.

Happy February and Beyond…

Its certainly a “Happy New Year” at Islesboro Preschool! As you know, we moved into our new building this past summer which allowed us to expand our programs to children from six months to five years old. As a result, attendance is almost double what we could have had... read more


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